The Illusionist’s Ball

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Theatre Bizarre presents "The Illusionist's Ball" on Saturday, Oct.18 at the Masonic Temple in Detroit.
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Vote Like Your Life Depends on It

We’ve been told our country is deeply divided, deeply polarized. Voting is an opportunity to talk about those differences and cast our lot, to see how many agree with...
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Hour Media Gathers over 400 Michigan Doctors at the Gem Theatre to Celebrate their 2014 “Top Docs”

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From Addiction Medicine to Urology, Hour Detroit’s 2014 Top Docs issue honored over 900 “Top Doctors” in the state of Michigan. An event was also hosted by Hour Media...
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Fighting Tough Topics with Humor

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Dear White People is potent, relatable, and current, no matter what race or walk of life one may come from.
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Still We Rise

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“Still We Rise” is an ongoing interactive exhibit that is best described as an enthralling and sobering time machine that is sure to captivate its audience.
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How to Slow Down a Thriving New Company

Tesla is not the only company to sell directly to consumers. The Nike Store in cities such as Chicago and San Francisco are built on the same idea that...
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UM-Dearborn women’s soccer team finishes season in first place in Midwest Collegiate Club Soccer league

The UM-Dearborn women's soccer team. (Photo courtesy of UM-Dearborn women's soccer)
With the set of wins, the team finishes the regular season 5-1 and tied with Oakland for first place in the Midwest Collegiate Club Soccer league. The winner will...
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Office for Student Engagement hosts Homecoming Ball

President Theresa Sommerville and Vice President Jerel Jones of the Black Student Union were crowned Homecoming King and Queen
By Craig Henderson Student Life Editor On Friday, Oct. 24, the Office for Student Engagement concluded its five day long Homecoming week with Victors Fun Night at the Fieldhouse....
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Ebola: Are We Doing Enough?

ebola cnn
Ebola seems to be the hot topic in the news right now; every night anchors remind us of the outbreak in West Africa, and every night there seems to...
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Ricky Lindsay: Dantonio, Spartans prove why Michigan-Michigan State is more than annual geographical matchup

Mark Dantonio walks off the field during Michigan State's 35-11 win over Michigan Oct. 25, 2014. (Rebecca Gallagher/MJ)
That's because I have never considered Michigan-Michigan State a rivalry. To me, all it was was a game between two teams that call Michigan home. That's all it was....

A Blue Weekend

Cleaning up the vandalized “M” on The Diag in Ann Arbor
Last weekend, I went to the Michigan-Michigan State football game. Aside from the few hostile fans, many people were very friendly, despite the Maize and block “M” on my...
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Avengers Assemble!

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The second teaser trailer for Age of Ultron was made public Oct. 22 and the fans are gearing up for another epic showdown.
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Latest News

A Western and Eastern Music Mix

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“Americans can really associate because he’s [Tucker] American,” said University of Michigan student Robin Singh, “He’s singing our languages, our music, and it reaches out better to Americans.”

A new chapter in Vice Chancellor Henderson’s life

As some of you may know, our Vice Chancellor, Stanley Henderson, has announced that he’s retiring after dedicating the last ten years of his career to making University of Michigan-Dearborn a great place to be. I interviewed him in hopes to help all of us really understand what an impact he’s made on our school and thank him for it; his responses and passion are assuring that his shoes will be hard to fill.

Treat Yo Self: The Mentality


We can at least make college a bit better by trying to navigate these treacherous waters of exams and essays, of parking nightmares and hectic schedules, of droning professors and endless reading assignments with a bit of this ‘treat yo self’ mentality.

Abuse hurts, make respect cool

In lieu of the recent sexual assault on campus, I took it upon myself to help spread this never-stressed-enough message: You deserve to be safe. Of course, we can’t predict if a stranger might come up to us while we’re walking home alone at night, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the only kind of assault going on in today’s world. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what your sexual orientation is, or where you live—sexual abuse and assault is a problem in and out of relationships and families.

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