Back to basics
Everyone should already know these dating basics. However, just because we know about them doesn’t mean that we all follow them, and then drama hits.

Be real
Honestly, not being honest will always end in drama. When you pretend to be something else, you show your crush a fake you. How can you expect them to understand, appreciate, and care if you never give them the chance to see the real you?

Take care of your cover
We all judge books by their cover. Your appearance is often your first impression. You don’t have to be a model or change your style, just be sure to follow good hygiene, dress appropriately, and wear clean clothes (no holes or stains). But, if you’d like to try something new, see Tas’s Trends.

Be unique
Do not confuse trying something new or showing a different side with being fake. What people see of you is not all there is to who you are. Don’t be scared to show them the rest of you, you never know, they might grow fonder of you. On the same note, try to take interest in what they like, you might end up liking the same things.