BY SARAH LEWIS, Student Life Editor

Creepers. They seem to be everywhere. They show up when you least expect them, and it is nearly impossible to get them to leave you alone once they’ve gotten you in their sights. Everyone has encountered a creeper at some point in their life, and if not, you probably are the creeper.

These breeds of people that are professionals at lurking always come around at the most inconvenient times and places. I know of a few kinds of creeps: party creeps, class creeps, and Facebook creeps.

Let’s say I’m at a party with some friends and some intense girl talk is going down because “OMG no way did Brad just show up with Mindy.” Obviously none of us want to be bothered. This is apparent by the way we are talking in hushed voices and huddled in a circle. Most people get the point that we just do not want to interact with anyone right now because our conversation is rather serious. Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a guy none of us have ever met before stalks up.

Creepers like these usually have the worst taglines ever invented. Typically it goes along the lines of this: “Hey ladies, WHO WANTS TO PARTY?” Along with this line comes dance moves that are not good at all, and maybe he even spills some of his drink on or around us.

First of all, “wow” is all I have to say. And then once I realize that this person is serious I shoot my friends looks that ask, “Is this real life?” After we all silently have a conversation solely with our eyes it’s decided that this creep is real and thinks he has game. Now, we can’t exactly tell this person to get away from us because that is just rude, but we don’t want to talk to him either, so what to do?

Honestly, there might not be a solution if this person is extremely persistent, which creepers usually are. You basically have to spend the entire night trying to dodge the creep and avoid talking to him at all costs. Thankfully, in situations like these the creepiness is toned down because of the large amount of people present in the party location. Unfortunately, creeps don’t just stick to parties.

Personally, I would have to say that creepers in class are the absolute worst. Most of the time, you don’t have close friends in classes to protect you from creeps, so unless some normal stranger in class is willing to save the day, you will probably be stuck to deal with this person on your own.

What I’m about to tell you next is unfortunately, one hundred percent real life. I had a class with no one that I knew. Starting from day one, a creeper (quite a bit older than me) sat right next to me. Everyday this guy would try to talk to me and give me really awkward compliments. He told me he really liked my tennis shoes…that were dirty…and ugly…and I only wear them when I’m looking like a complete scrub. Okay. Then he would tell me he missed me if I wasn’t in class. Uhh. And then he would ask me if I was texting a boyfriend whenever I looked at my phone. He even told me he watched me hang out in the University Center with my friends. Not okay.

Let me just point out that I never said more than five words to this guy, and yet he was completely relentless. So I pretended he wasn’t talking to me whenever he was. I would sprint out of the room as soon as class was over. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a horrible person, but honestly this guy was just creepy. In these kinds of situations I have one word of advice…RUN. Stay far, FAR away from this person because lurking is obviously their full time job.

The last, and usually least harmless creeper is the Facebook creep. This is the person that you have absolutely no mutual friends with, and yet somehow, they found YOU. According to their profile, they live in Lithuania and they’re 47 years old. Really, sir? Do you think I’m going to accept your friend request? The worst is when they send a personal message with the request. Even if it only says “Hey,” I’m still really concerned. After seeing such a request I’m slightly terrified and have no problem pressing the reject button. Obviously, I’m going to report this CREEP.

Moral of the story is that creeps are everywhere. Never, ever let your guard down. Avoid them at all costs. And if you’re a creep, stop it.