Arts & Entertainment Editor

One of the most popular costumes I have seen this Halloween has to do with Harry Potter, but some parts of these costumes are now being incorporated into everyday wear.

I’ve seen many button up cardigan looks that simply look very put together and professional. It’s a look that can be easily done and that would make you look like a serious college student.

Now I’ve mostly seen just the outfit with a white button underneath either a cardigan or a pull over sweater, however you can just wear it with any color button up as long as your cardigan/sweater color compliments it.

Another HP trend going around is the school girl skirt, however this time it’s not a short little skirt, but an appropriate above the knee length. These skirts mainly come in plaid colors but can be found in solid colors; depending on whether plaid is your style or not

Guys: One look that I absolutely love and I mean L.O.V.E. is the button up/ tie look. Guys look devilishly handsome in this ensemble, and it is very easy to put together. They even have ties that represent Hogwarts house colors! (I am definitely getting my boyfriend one for Christmas) Another great look for guys to pull off is the sweater on top of a button up and tie. Both looks are great outfits that any guy should have in their closet.

Now girls keep in mind you can also wear the ties; you can wear it loosely around your neck, or my favorite way to wear a tie is making it into a head band. There are HP scarves available in all the house colors, and they are replicas of the scarves that they wear in the movies.

Also, if you search on the Internet hard enough you can find replicas of Molly Weasley’s hand knitted sweaters. There are also pins and jewelry that represent the houses so you can show your support in every outfit.

Many of these items can be found clicking here.