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Alright, people, it’s time to stop the passive reactivity and do something with your lives.

As Shania Twain once quipped, all your protesting and whining? That Don’t Impress Me Much

For months now, the Occupy Wall Street movement has grabbed the attention of the national and international media, and for good reasons. Finally, the underdogs are taking a stand and making their voices heard. The general public is pissed, and they are not going to put up with the crap that they have been dealing with for the past few decades.

In a way, I find the concept of this whole revolution fascinating. Without the internet, a protest of this caliber could never have been achieved. The message of the “99%” could never have been conveyed on such a massive scale, greatly lessening the intended impact on the entire world.

On the other hand, my mind is continually blown by the stupidity and ignorance of several of the participants. You say you are the 99%, but do you really even know what that entails? And even if you do, what do you plan on doing to remedy the situation?

Hey, protest participants, I am a full-time college student with a part-time job who is essentially supporting herself – I UNDERSTAND. I know how it feels to constantly worry about finances, to not get enough sleep because you work late and still have to do homework, to work your ass off and receive almost nothing in return. By no means am I undermining the general aim of OWS – I myself am the 99%.

What truly irks me is how these protesters are going about proclaiming their gospel of truths.

First off, the majority of them are not being proactive, they are being reactive. Let me explain. A proactive person who encounters a problem will vigorously seek out a solution to the situation, but a reactive person will complain about the issue. The people lining the infamous streets of New York (and now several other global capitals) may have politically stirring signs and catchy group chants, but they lack a viable resolution to the unequal distribution of wealth.

And don’t tell me about how everyone is just going to take their money out of the banks and put it elsewhere. I would like to remind readers what occurred the last time the general public had this brilliant idea – it was nothing big, just a little incident some like to call the Great Depression. And, you know, it only took a World War to pull our country out of that dark financial black hole. No big deal, really.
But what really gets under my skin about this entire ordeal is the amount of time wasted sitting in lawn chairs, picketing on busy streets. What are you doing with your lives, people?! Do you really have nothing better to do than to sit there and perpetually whine about money? If you are truly that concerned about finances, shouldn’t you be, oh, I don’t know, WORKING and making some money for yourself?

Let me put it this way. If every single person who is right now participating, or has in the past participated in an Occupy movement somewhere on the planet was donating their time to a project of civic improvement instead of standing there with a piece of paper on a stick, SO MUCH MORE would be accomplished. Communities could be revitalized, the hungry could be fed, the slums could be cleaned up…there is so much potential there, wasted. Gone. There are better things to do with the limited time one has on this earth.

And while volunteering may not solve the wealth distribution problem, it would certainly provide a leg up on all the other various social problems we suffer from. It would also help place the situation into perspective. Hey, you may not be raking in billions of dollars a year, but at least you have a source of income.

It’s something I’m sure the 14% of the world’s population who don’t have enough food to live a healthy lifestyle would appreciate.

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