Two students partake in Arcade Day, hosted by the Student Activities Board.
Two students partake in Arcade Day, hosted by the Student Activities Board.


The Student Activities Board (SAB) put together an Arcade Day for the University Students November 7 from 12-4 P.M. in Kochoff Hall in the University Center.

The free event was for any and all students to attend and consisted of some fun old-school games as well as some newer ones, including three air-hockey tables, two ping-pong tables, two foosball tables, a shuffleboard table, Nintendo 64, Dance Dance Revolution, and a Nintendo Wii being projected on a big screen.

It seemed that all who entered the room had smiles on their faces when they saw all the fun games they could play with their friends and heard the music that they could sing along with.

You could feel the energy in the air as you heard people laughing and having a good time, trying to remember how to play their old favorite video games from their childhoods or hitting the air-hockey puck so hard that it flew 10 feet from the table.

Many people may not know that the SAB often hosts free events like this to provide students with an enjoyable school environment.

Most recently, they held a free pumpkin carving event where students were able to come in, carve a pumpkin, and then take that pumpkin home, all of which only cost you the time it took to carve the pumpkin.

According to some members of the SAB, more events will be put together soon, possibly including a snowman building contest.

Arcade Day seemed to be a big success. If the events are always so creative and so well put together then it seems safe to say students can count on the SAB to provide them with a fun, stress-free place to enjoy school.