BY ALEX MICH, Staff Reporter After an offensive duel with the Western Michigan Stallions, Michigan-Dearborn’s Wolves hockey team faced off against the eleventh ranked Bulldogs of Adrian College. Riding on their sweep of Western Michigan, the Wolves were seeking to climb back into the standings with their new found offense. However, the major concern was applying their defense against this powerful Bulldogs team. The Wolves hosted the Bulldogs Friday at home. Adrian started with a couple of quick goals in the second half of the first period. Despite the Wolves’ best efforts, the first period ended with them down zero to two. The Wolves would go on the attack with a quick power play goal from Anthony Olsen five minutes into the second period. Despite having the momentum, Micah Collier gave up his third goal of the night halfway through the second period putting the Wolves down three to one. Yet, Micah would remain solid throughout the remainder of the game, finishing with thirty saves. The Wolves quickly clawed back with Olsen’s second goal three minutes after Adrian’s last goal. Combined with Michael Macari’s power play goal with just under four minutes remaining in the period, the game was tied after two periods. Both teams fought tremendously in the final period as both teams were held scoreless through most of the period. Collier would finish the game with thirty saves on the night. Finally, Anthony Olsen finished off the Bulldogs with his third goal of the game with only twenty seconds remaining. With this win, the men of Dearborn showed the rest of the nation the type of team the Wolves can be. Saturday was rather a different story for the Wolves. Fuelled by their last second loss, the Bulldogs came out and crushed the Wolves. Macari would get the only goal in the entire game as the Wolves would end up losing the match thirteen to one. However, there was more excitement that occurred throughout the game. As the game became uglier, both teams became enraged and fought with each other. One of the most exciting fights of the evening was the battle of goalies between the Wolves’ Steven Ledesma and Adrian’s Louis Ronayne. Despite the loss, the Wolves ought to be proud to make a statement Friday again showing the league that they are still a team that is capable of winning a good game. The Wolves travel to the Lansing area play against Michigan State’s club hockey team on Thursday. Finally, the Wolves wrap up the weekend on Friday by hosting the Sun Devils of Arizona State.