Real Steel. Not your typical Rocky Bolboa boxing movie. Real Steal, directed by Shawn Levy, is set in a future where boxing has now advanced and is high-tech. It stars Hugh Jackman, who plays the role of a washed-up fighter who had the chance to “dance” with the number one boxer of his time.

He has now quit, and is invested in the new form of boxing — real steel robots that are controlled in a variety of ways, such as joysticks and motion sensing. The story follows Hugh Jackman’s character, Charlie, around his adversities and challenges with his son and the love of his life. With the help of his son, he has another shot, reliving the glory days, fixing things, making a comeback.

“Silly premise notwithstanding, this is a well-made Hollywood movie: Thrilling and exciting action with just enough characterization,” says The movie, which is based off of a short story written by Richard Matheson, is very heartfelt, and unlike what critics and viewers might say, very well scripted.

One of the things that makes this movie more “real” is the way that the future is portrayed. Not with flying cars, hover-mobiles, and monotonous robotic humans, but something that many of us can relate to in the 21st century. Hugh Jackman does a very good job as usual with playing his role, and he trained with Sugar Ray Leonard to help with boxing choreography. Real Steel is a definite must-see for people that love movies of the sports, thriller, fighting, and science fiction genres. It’s a movie for everyone, even for the romantics.