In just four short days the Ohio State Buckeyes football team will travel the roughly 184 miles deep into enemy territory to take on the University of Michigan Wolverines at The Big House.

It’s the most anticipated game, slotted as the last game of the regular season since the 1935 season. The teams have met 107 times and Michigan holds a 57-44-6 record over Ohio.

However, the past 7 seasons the Buckeyes have claimed victory over the Wolverines.  With new coach Brady Hoke the biggest question of the season stands; will the Wolverines prevail this year?

The answer is simple; yes. It’s a whole different game story for both Michigan and Ohio State this year.

Michigan is under a fantastic coach and although they went through a slump earlier this season, they seem to have bounced back, ready to face the Buckeyes.

The story stands in Ohio as this; an inexperienced team, a freshman quarterback, a coach who seems to not care about the program, and some fancy cars and giant tattoos.

If we can come out on top this Saturday, we will hand OSU their first losing season since the 1999 season. Their winning season rests in the claws of the Wolverines.  If that isn’t enough to push the Wolverines to a victory, I’m not sure what is.

The boys in Ann Arbor definitely showed what they are capable of this past weekend against Nebraska. Expected to lose or at least to have to fight hard for a win, they took the lead early in the first quarter and never looked back.

Critics have degraded quarterback Denard Robinson all season and while he has had a roller coaster of a season, he always seems to pull through when the team really needs him.

Wide receiver Martavious Odoms has full confidence in Robinson.

“When he [Denard] needs to throw and make up a play, he gets the job done,” Odoms said during Saturday’s press conference.

During Saturday’s game Robinson tied a record high 35 touchdowns with Tom Brady. When brought to his attention during the press conference Robinson didn’t seemed phased at all by the feat. He simply responded with, “I’m not a stats guy … I’m going out there having fun with my team; that’s my biggest thing.”

Coach Hoke doesn’t seem to be treating the upcoming game any different than he’s treated the entire season.

When asked about the game, Hoke said, “Anytime that rivalry is played … it’s exciting. You get excited.”

When questioned about how he felt about coming out on top over the 8-3 Cornhuskers, Hoke wasn’t thrilled that it was a win over a tough team but just a win in general.

“It didn’t matter that it was Nebraska or Slippery Rock-we’re winning football games,” Hoke said.

Michigan seems to be in the right state of mind going in to Saturday’s game.  It seems like this will be the year and I know I’m not the only Michigan fan who is ecstatic to watch the game.

It’s time that the Wolverines secure a win over the Buckeyes and when they do, you know I’ll definitely be rubbing it in the faces of my family from Ohio.

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