For optimists, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For pessimists, it’s the worst.

The time of finals is upon us, with another semester come and nearly gone. Gone are the days where students basked in the sunshine, sprawled across the grass while studying. Gone is the water in Chancellor’s Pond. The green grounds of the campus have been blanketed with snow several times over the past few weeks, foreshadowing the blizzards (and hopefully snow days) we’re sure to get in the coming months.

Yes, another semester has come and gone here at UM-Dearborn. The library is now packed with students filling their heads with last minute knowledge, hoping to do well enough on exams and pass their classes.

It has been quite the semester here at UM-D. One Michigan Coalition has brought many changes to campus, including the addition of a new rock and several new organizations. Wolf Pack has added several field days throughout the semester as a break from the strenuous work of classes. Student Activities Board has put on several events, offering college students their favorite things–free food and entertainment.

For some, this was just the beginning. Others are nearing the end. For December graduates, it is the end. This Saturday we’ll lose part of our campus as those students graduate and head out into the real world. As I am friends with several who will be gone in just a week, it’s really made me realize that all good things do come to and end, and far too quickly.

As I wrap up yet another semester with The Michigan Journal, I’m faced with the reality that when classes start in January, I’ll have 15 weeks left on campus. Fifteen weeks. An entire semester that, for freshmen, will probably feel like 3 years, but to me will feel like 3 weeks. There have been so many times during my career at UM-D that I’ve said, “I can’t wait to be out.” And now that it’s happening, I’m realizing how much I’ll miss it.

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t wait to start my real-world career, supported by all of the knowledge I’ve gained on this wonderful campus. But at the same time, I’ll miss the relative simplicity of college life. No more skipping class if you’re tired. No more having your friends sitting in class at the desk next to you. No more scheduling classes late in the day so you don’t have to get up early. Though, on a lighter note, no more fighting for parking spaces!

As finals approach and the campus starts to empty, The Michigan Journal will begin its winter hibernation until mid-January, when we return with more fantastic campus news. For those returning to campus in 2012–have a fantastic break and get as much relaxing in as you can. For those graduating–we at The Michigan Journal wish you nothing but the best of luck on your life’s path.

We’ll see everyone in 2012! And remember, as always, Go Blue!