(File Photo / Ben Dixon / MJ)


Down here in New Orleans the sun is shining, the crawfish is boiling, and Wolverine fans fill the streets.

For team 132 of the University of Michigan Wolverines, their college football career ends tonight. Their last chance to prove themselves to Michigan fans everywhere.

The past few seasons have had moments that some would like to erase forever from their memory but team 132 has stuck it out. Just over a year ago, the Wolverines fired three-year coach Rich Rodriguez after a terrible bowl game loss to Mississippi State.

Not long after Brady Hoke was hired as a head coach looking to make a difference-and make a difference he did.

The Wolverines not only secured a winning season and a spot in a BSC bowl game for the first time since 2005 under Lloyd Carr, but finished the season 10-2, beating big time rivals Notre Dame and Ohio State.

The past few months have taught me one thing about Hoke’s team; they are here to win. If there’s one tone that comes away from the press conferences it’s that this team is doing everything they’re doing for their seniors.

The Wolverines are ready to take on the Super Dome and there’s no doubt it’s going to be a great game. Both teams are full of talent but Michigan has one thing going for them. Critics everywhere are claiming that Michigan hasn’t been playing Michigan football and questioning if Hoke has brought the value of Michigan football back. Just 38 days after beating Ohio State for the first time in eight years, the Wolverines find themselves back in the National spotlight. And as game time draws nearer, doubters are still asking, will this be Michigan football?

As kick off quickly approaches here at the Super Dome, those questions will soon be answered. Watching from the press box, I’m not worried. I’ve seen what this team has done this season, from the nail biting ends to the Notre Dame and Ohio State games to the blow outs against teams like Nebraska and Northwestern.

As quarterback Denard Robinson said, “That’s one thing Coach Hoke and the seniors are telling us, we’re down here for a reason. To be Sugar Bowl champs.”

As always, Go Blue!