If you’re worried Occupy Wall Street may have lost its steam, recent developments in New York City may have you guessing again. New York’s City Council brought in the New Year with a resolution declaring that corporations are not people.

In contrast to the controversial Citizens United ruling in January 2011, The New York City Council voted “Yes” to a resolution that “opposes the United State Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution in Citizens United regarding the constitutional rights of corporations,” among other things.

New York is just one of the few cities across the nation to pass such legislation. The ruling may be trivial at first glance but, in light of the fact that New York is the epicenter of the OWS movement, in addition to being a cultural and financial hub of the Midwest, the passing of this resolution could be a very big deal.

While it doesn’t necessarily bind the council to do anything, resolutions such as this are good ways of drawing public attention, and serve as great catalysts for open discussion and public debate.

What do you think about the Supreme Court’s ruling? Should big business be given first amendment rights?

To find out more about the Progressive Caucus of the New York City Council and their movement against corporate personhood, check out their website at: