(Photo courtesy of MGoBlue.com)
(Photo courtesy of MGoBlue.com)


The women’s basketball team clinched an exciting victory against Indiana Tech that ended a three-game losing streak Wednesday night at the Fieldhouse.

The women had great momentum and had great shooting from the very beginning of the game. They started with a 7-0 run and kept the lead by as much as 7 points for the nearly the entire first half, until Indiana Tech came back and tied the game in the last two minutes of the quarter.

Indiana had its first lead of the night at halftime with a score of 43-44. The Wolves stayed in the game, coming back in the second half, but fell behind Indiana Tech by as much as 8 points around the 12 minute mark. The Wolves fought their way back to a 3-point lead with 8 minutes to play in the second. Indiana Tech was able to stay in the game by shooting at the line as the Wolves got into foul trouble toward the last few minutes of the final half.

Anxiety and excitement filled the Field House as the score was tied with only 23.5 seconds left on the clock. Both teams had expired their allotted foul count so neither team wanted to foul because that would be an instant chance for the other team to shoot for two. The Wolves were fouled and scored 3 times in the last seconds, winning the game and cementing the final score at 86-80.

The Wolves had a great night of scoring as 4 players had points in the double digits. Sophomore Jackie Hood was the leading scorer with 24 points and 10 rebounds. Junior Kelly DeFauw was the second leader with 16 points and was a perfect 4-4 at the free throw line. Junior Sara Perez had 14 points and was 4-8 at the three point line. Sophomore Brittany Teets had 12 points and was 5 for 8 at the free throw line.