Facebook Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)
Facebook Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)


Whether its adding the slightly creepy real-time Ticker on the right-hand side of your homepage or tweaking its Chat interface, Facebook cannot seem to go more than a few months without changing their social media site. The latest update, however, is the most drastic, and soon to be required.

Facebook unveiled Timeline, the radically redesigned display page, a couple of months ago. It is intended to be a “digital scrapbook” boasting your best moments and memories. This highly customizable interface allows you to “fill [the] wide, open space [at the top of the page] with a unique image that represents you best.” Users can “share and highlight [their] most memorable posts, photos, and life events” in order to “tell [their] story from beginning, to middle, to end,” says the site.

Timeline also makes old content easily accessible, for better or for worse. Instead of clicking through an endless stream of posts, users can click on particular years or months to view information from that time.

Once users decide to switch to Timeline, they are allowed one week to customize their profile before it becomes public. Through the new Activity Log page, users can comb through everything they have ever posted in order to highlight, delete, or alter privacy settings on each piece of content.

Up until now, Facebook has allowed the Timeline switch to be optional (though once you switch, you cannot go back to the old page.) This trial period will end soon, however, as Facebook will force all users to switch to Timeline within the next few weeks.

According to a Sophos Security poll, with 4,110 respondents, roughly 8 percent of users said they liked the Timeline feature. Interestingly enough, over 32 percent of them also didn’t know why they were still on Facebook altogether.