Detroit Red Wings Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)
Detroit Red Wings Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)


When the Red Wings lost 2-7 to the Canadiens on January 25, Facebook exploded with complaints of the horrible loss and how disappointed everyone was with the team.

As a huge Wings’ fan myself, yes, I was slightly taken aback by the surprising loss. But was I mad? Only at those who publicly criticized the Wings.

One bad loss seemed to push all of the fantastic things the Wings have done this season out of their fan’s minds. But taking a look at the numbers should change their minds.

Jimmy Howard: Phenomenal so far this season, currently holding a .924 save percentage with 30 wins, 11 losses, and 5 shootout games. His league-leading wins are lining him up to break the season record for wins (48). His save percentage matches the franchise best for a full-time starter, which he set himself during the 2009-2010 season. His 2.03 goals-against average seats him at fifth best in the league, as well as in the top spot for the franchise since the 1950’s, when it was set by Terry Sawchuck.

Ian White: Surprising me in his first season with the Wings, White has proven that he’s ready to show what he’s got, even starting a few games this season. He has 6 goals and 18 assists on the season so far. His plus-minus of 26 is also the highest on the team.

Todd Bertuzzi: What can’t Bertuzzi do? With 9 goals and 13 assists in the past 28 games, including several game winning goals in recent shootouts, Bertuzzi is the talk of Hockeytown. His famous “spin-o-rama” move wowed fans against the Coyotes. Now he sits just one goal from being the twelfth active player to reach 300 goals in at least 1,000 games.

Nicklas Lidstrom: 10 goals and 18 assists on the season so far. Always knowing exactly where to be when someone needs him. On a quest for his eighth Norris Trophy? Possibly. But really, just doing what he does best: being the best.

So are the Wings hurting? Absolutely not. They recently celebrated their seventeenth consecutive win at home, putting their home record to 20-2-1 for the season. With 67 points on the season, they don’t just sit at the top of the Central Division. They aren’t just at the top of the Western Conference. The Wings sit at the top of the entire League. Number one, no one ahead of them.

For those of you still doubting, I’ll leave you with this. When the Wings gave up four goals in the first period to the Canadiens in 1997, we ended the year with the Cup. The last time they lead the league in points going in to the All Star break, we ended the year with the Cup.

So, am I the slightest bit worried if they lose a game by a large margin? Absolutely not. Am I counting down the days until the Cup comes back to where it belongs this summer? Well, we all know my answer to that one.

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