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BY TASNUBA QUERSHI, Arts and Entertainment Editor

With a new year comes a new you. Or, at least that is what everyone tells themselves. The best way to start making changes to yourself is with clothes. You don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but adding a few pieces to your existing wardrobe will spruce it up a bit.

One thing that is trending this year is floral print, and I love it. If it is rightly done, floral print can add just the right amount of a feminine touch to any outfit, but you have to remember to be subtle, we don’t want to look like we rolled in a field of flowers. My suggestion is to get a few tops that have the floral print. You can find them in any style imaginable. Another item that I would recommend getting in floral print is a dress. It is part of the easiest outfit you can make, throw on a cardigan and you are good to go.

Animal Print (

Another favorite print of mine that is trending is animal, mainly leopard. But it goes back to what I said about prints, be subtle. Don’t look like you went to the jungle, killed a leopard, and decided to wear it from head to toe. My favorite colors to play with animal print are black, gold, red or a combination of them all. As much as I love leopard print, I try to keep it to a minimum. I would recommend getting a few tops, but you can also add in an animal print skirt, blazer, or a dress. With animal print, the possibilities are endless.

Neon Colors (

You will also see a lot of bright, bold, neon highlighter colors. Colors are a lot of fun to play with in an outfit because they can create a new look with just a few pieces. Personally, I like using cardigans in solid colors, that way you can wear five different tops underneath the same cardigan and have a new look every time. You can also find t-shirts, skirts, and even skinny jeans in bright new colors.

The last trend that you will see is color block. Basically it’s two different colors on one shirt or dress. I’m not sure how I feel about this trend yet because if it isn’t done correctly, it can be a disaster. If you do want to put a few color block pieces in your wardrobe, I would play it safe and go for a dress or a skirt that can be easily played up or down.