Song: Love You Too
Artist: Locksley
Album: Be In Love
Release: July 2011

Locksley is so melodic and fresh that it can make a winter drive seem like a day at the beach. “Love You Too,” has that classic British Pop feel—you know, the harmonies, bright guitars, and infectious la la’s. I would highly recommend you pick up some Locksley, especially fans of The Fratellis, and the Arctic Monkeys. Above all, the song just has a refreshing “in-love” feel, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day in a few weeks.

Song: Scar Upon The Sky
Artist: Chris Cornell
Album: Songbook [Live]
Release: November 2011

Chris Cornell is one of the most recognizable male vocalists of our generation. He has had brief stays in bands such as Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of The Dog. Cornell also has a solo project, and is just finishing up an acoustic tour. I had the pleasure of spending this intimate evening in Ann Arbor with Chris and his closest fans. “Scar Upon The Sky” is on his new album, which is full of live recordings from the tour. Chris Cornell fans won’t want to pass this up, and first-timers will be hooked for life.

Song: Crimson and Clover
Artist: Tommy James and The Shondells
Album: Crimson and Clover / Some Kind of Love [Digital 45]
Release: 1969

For this weeks’ “Flashback Track” of the week, we revisit a groovy time full of love. “Crimson and Clover” has a nice hippie anthem feel. It’s mellow, full of rich harmonies, and some pretty trippy guitar licks. The track was redone by Joan Jett, and if you’re looking for a more amped up version, that may be more your style, but if you want to travel back in time, go ask your parents to dust off their records and maybe you’ll even get a story or two out of the deal. “My mind’s such a sweet thing. I want to do everything.