Michigan signing day was this past week and the team now has a handful of new recruits to bring great things to Wolverine football.

There is one recruit, however, that the team is without for the 2012 season.

Yuri Wright, one of the top cornerback college prospects in the country, was high on Michigan’s list for picks this year. But after Wright posted several sexually offensive and racial slurs on his twitter, Michigan gave him the call to inform him they were no longer interested.

The move at first caught me by surprise, but then, overwhelming new respect for Hoke took its place. To know that Hoke is putting the respect for women and minorities, or any other important event for that matter, before football is impressive.

There are so many schools that care about their football record and almost nothing else. They will almost do whatever they want, ethical or not. A perfect example is the school that Hoke doesn’t even call by their full name, simply referring to them as “Ohio.” A few years ago a scandal came out of the school and it was brought to the public eye that not only were the football players selling memorabilia from games, but they were taking free tattoos in exchange for them.

Scandals come out of many schools, Michigan included. During the 2010 season it surfaced that then head coach Rich Rodriguez was having the players practice more than official rules allowed. Even then, a tiny incident compared to what other schools try to hide in their closets. To know that Hoke is making moves to ensure that scandals and bad reputations stay as far away from Michigan as possible is just amazing.

I said last year when learning about the possibility of Hoke coming to Michigan that he would do great things for the team. His list of accomplishments after just one season is almost endless. He’s a true Michigan man and I absolutely cannot wait to see what else he brings to the program.