I am writing in response to the opinion article in the January 24 paper titled “Why on earth should we care?” In this article, the columnist expresses dissatisfaction towards the Student Government for two reasons. I understand that the columnist has a right to his opinion, and I only seek to clear up any confusion he might have.

Wi-Fi: Complaints about the wireless network on our campus have been brought to the Student Government repeatedly. Seeing this as an issue, the Student and Academic Affairs Committee began to look into the way our network operates. This involved several meetings with ITS, bringing representatives from ITS to present at Student Government meetings, and a comprehensive presentation on our campus’ access points and wireless expansion capabilities. In order to add access points, which would improve the quality of the wireless network, a lot of money would need to be spent. So, to strengthen our argument when we propose access points to be added, the Student and Academic Affairs Committee compiled a comprehensive survey to pinpoint the locations where students were having the most trouble. This survey is currently being reviewed by the Office of Enrollment Management and Student Life. I am very proud of the Student and Academic Affairs Committee and the amount of time and work they put into this project in order to serve their fellow students. This process will be ongoing, but at the end of it you will be able to thank hard-working individuals from Student Government for starting it.

The Change in GPA Requirement: Changing the GPA requirement to be a member of Student Government from 2.0 to 2.5 is a constitutional change. The Rules and Ethics Committee spent time out of their summer to make numerous changes to the Student Government Constitution and Bylaws. The Revised Compiled Code was passed by the Rules and Ethics Committee, debated, amended and passed by the Senate, and then referred to Ann Arbor Legal to review. Currently, it is still being reviewed by Ann Arbor Legal. Then, the Compiled Code will need to be ratified by the student body by a campus-wide vote. Therefore, the campus will have an opportunity to weigh-in on the changes, such as lifting the GPA requirement.

Students who are concerned with their education and care for their campus are always appreciated. The Student Government is happy to hear from them and have them at our meetings. We meet every Friday at 6pm and all of our meetings are open. Also, if you would like to request any of our meeting minutes, it is your right to do so.

Thank you,
Jessica Reed