(Photo courtesy of MGoBlue.com)
(Photo courtesy of MGoBlue.com)


Fighting strong, the Men’s basketball team finally ended a 16 game losing streak Wednesday night at the Fieldhouse.

The Wolves got off to a shaky start in the first half, with a sloppy defense and some missed shots. They tried to keep up but trailed behind the University of Northwestern Ohio (NWO) the first seven minutes of the game. Things changed however, as NWO turned the ball over several times allowing UM-Dearborn to make easy lay-ups and gain momentum.

UM-D was 54% from the field in shooting during the first half. By half time the score was tied at 26.
The Wolves defense stepped majorly during the second half, making NWO struggle to keep up. With 12 minutes to play the Wolves were up seven points. NWO took advantage of fouls and turnovers and tied the game at 53 with three minutes to play. Those would be the last points made from NWO, as UM-D took the lead and never looked back. As NWO got into foul trouble during the last two minutes of the game, UM-D players stayed on the foul line, widening the gap more and more.

With 13 seconds to play, NWO was charged with a technical foul and Julius Porter shot for two, sealing the win for the Wolves, 63-53. As the final buzzer sounded, fans celebrated the victory with a boisterous and energy filled standing ovation.

Leading scorer for the Wolves Wednesday night was Julius Porter with 25 points, who was 70% from the field and 75% from the 3-point line.

The men’s next game is at Cornerstone University, Wednesday February 8 at 7:30 p.m.