(Mark Scarano/MJ)


Within one month of Ignacio Marquez filling out the paperwork, Student Government Senate unanimously voted Friday on welcoming the new organization Open Jiu Jitsu to the UM-Dearborn Campus.

The purpose of Open Jiu Jitsu is “To foster broad student interest and participation in activities by providing leadership, programs, and service; and to assist students in developing skills and leadership abilities,” according to the organization’s constitution.

President of Open Jiu Jitsu, Marquez said that at first he had, “No idea what to expect,” before he was asked to leave the forum so that the Senate may discuss and vote based on Marques’s testimony.
After the acceptance of his new organization, Marquez added that from the “Positive looks on people’s faces,” he was sure that he had it in the bag.

After taking another few moments with Marquez and finding out that Open Jiu Jitsu would be welcoming any and all students to join their group, he later added on that there would be no fees to join, and was excited since there was no other group on campus like Open Jiu Jitsu.

Marquez said that at first he would be happy with ten people joining, but hopes to continue to spark the interest of the University and gain more members over the next few months.