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Another year, another Super Bowl, which always signals the million dollar commercials.

Bud Light, Budweiser, Chrysler, E*TRADE, Doritos, Coca-Cola, General Motors (Chevrolet), Honda and Pepsi all came back this year with ads. There are a couple that were funny, one for sure that I loved, and one that I absolutely despised.

General Motors (Chevrolet) had four different commercials play during the Giants’ win over the Patriots. I thought the Camaro and Sonic commercials were good, the Alien one I found to be a bit boring, and the Silverado commercial horrific. I’ll tell you why. Yes, I may be a die-hard Ford supporter, heck I’m a Big Three supporter, but when it comes to bashing your own fellow American company, that’s where I draw the line.

You can argue saying that Ford did something like this too, but let me remind you of something, they didn’t take the bailout from the government. Chrysler re-shaped, re-tooled, and re-did its inventory, marketing scheme, everything. We will get to their ad in a minute. This argument can be disputed. The Ford F-150 has been the best selling pickup 33 years running, so I’m not quite sure how the Silverado is the longest lasting and most dependable truck on the road. Even if there was an apocalypse, it doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re in, you may not survive.

The Bud Light commercial with the dog was pretty funny. His name was Weego, and of course the catch phrase for Bud Light is, “Here We Go.” I thought it was a very clever ad. It threw me off when they said it, but once you said “Here We Go,” you immediately got the reference and just laughed.

Doritos, which usually has more commercials, only had two this year, but one of them was pretty funny. You see a missing cat sign on a pole, while a guy is tending to his flowers in his garden. The camera then pans over to the dog, which you can assume is burying the cat in the other part of the garden because of the similarity between the collars. The dog then bribes the guy with a bag of Doritos saying, “You didn’t see ‘nuthin.”

It was hilarious; everyone in the room was laughing. Of course we all know the cat didn’t die, but it didn’t need to scream Doritos, it just needed to make you laugh and remember the ad. That’s exactly what it did. This was probably one of the best ads of the whole time.

My third favorite commercial of the night came from E*TRADE. They have a commercial each year, and somehow they find a way to make every one funny.

In this one, they show the E*TRADE baby, with his supposed father looking through the window into the nursery. He becomes worried about the financial implications of having another child and the E*TRADE baby calms him down, telling him how great the company is and you can do walk-ins and everything would be ok. Then, one of the E*TRADE baby’s friends sits up in a crib and is asked what he’s doing in there. The baby in the nursery responds with, “I’m speed dating.” This was just great, super hilarious, and once again, it didn’t need to focus on the company, just to make you remember the funny line and the company behind it.

Sketchers provided my second favorite commercial of the evening. It was a dog race in which a bunch of greyhounds were competing, and a random Boston bull terrier was added late, and was wearing Sketchers, which according to the announcer in the ad, is legal.

It was very funny because the Boston bull won, in a hilarious fashion by moon walking over the finish line, destroying the other dogs in the race. It was something you didn’t expect.

Finally, my favorite ad of the evening was the Chrysler ad. As mentioned earlier, they re-tooled their lineup of cars, their marketing, everything after the bailout and seem to be doing really well. Their commercial last year was going to be hard to top, and in my opinion it didn’t seem like they did this year, but it still gave me the goosebumps and proud feeling the ad from last year gave me.

This year, the ad starred Clint Eastwood, with him narrating as well. The city of Detroit also made a couple of appearances throughout the one minute spot. It’s hard to describe just in text, it’s something you have to watch over and over.

The ad just doesn’t describe the cars that Chrysler sells, but the people, the city, and the pride that goes into producing American made vehicles. If you’re proud of being an American, proud of being from Detroit, or heck, even Metro Detroit, this ad should give you goosebumps too.

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