Facebook Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)
Facebook Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)


There is something worse than a text break up–a Facebook break up. If you’re changing your relationship status in a fight, or when it’s really over, make sure it’s thought through before it’s public. Dealing with a Facebook break up, you first need to realize that if you get upset and/or call them out publicly as they did, you’re no better.

The best strategy is to wait a day, and talk it out. Nothing is more obnoxious than seeing “in a relationship” to “single” and back again. It’s immature. Both parties should wait at least a day. Facebook has made everyone’s personal information public, and people are aware of relationships especially.

Because of Facebook, nothing is private at all. Not only do you know what your “friends” ate for lunch, but you also know who they’re dating, and when they break up, and exactly what their children are doing at all times. Having an updated and working Facebook is like being your own paparazzi, and a Branniston break up is in the making with Facebook.

There really isn’t much protocol in addressing a public break up. My advice is to simply change it and be done. People will ask why, but in all honesty the people that you want to tell, you have in your phone, tell them in private. Keeping the reasons for the break up private is simply classier and no one else really needs to know why other than for personal odd curiosity.

Post-break up is not the time for lyrical jabs, statuses about how much you hate your life, or even how great it is. Stay classy and stay yourself. Facebook is not a personally made pity party, you can either call your friends, eat ice cream, or watch videos about cats–things that keep your mind off of your break up. I know Facebook allows you to post YouTube videos, but posting breakup songs is not needed.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, have a night out, and take pictures. There are three reasons to go on a picture filled night out post breakup: Your profile picture changes, it gets the changed relationship closer to getting off the page, and it’s fun. I know I said not to flaunt how great your life is without whoever, but it shows maturity in moving on with your life, and it also indirectly flaunts how great your life is without them.