(Photo courtesy of Flickr.com)

BY TASNUBA QURESHI, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s that time of the month, Valentine’s Day! And if you have a hot date, and have no clue what to wear, I am here to help.

Ladies, I know we live in Michigan and it’s cold, but Valentine’s Day is one of the days in winter when a dress and heels can never go wrong. Everyone thinks that red should be worn that day but it is overrated. Forget the red and step outside the lines with a different color.

My favorite for any type of date is the little black dress (LBD). Not only is it the easiest color to match, but it’s also classy. If you step into any store, you’ll find at least four different types of LBDs to choose from. You can also do any type of solid color that your heart desires. There are many different types of dresses to choose from, so finding the perfect one may be a little difficult. My best bet is choosing the style that you usually stick to; nothing makes a date more uncomfortable than not being comfortable in the clothes you are in.

If you don’t want to do a solid color, there are always prints. Prints arrange from floral to animal and everything in between. When it comes to prints, I always go for what I want to feel like in my dress. If I want a romantic vibe I’ll choose floral. If I want to feel more sexy, I’ll go for an animal print. The same concept for choosing the type of dress goes for prints too, choose something that you would be comfortable in.

Guys always have it easier when it comes to getting dressed. Usually all they have to do is put on a shirt, comb their hair, and BAM they’re done. That doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t put any effort into getting dressed for a date, especially if it is Valentine’s Day. If the girl has to dress up a bit so should the guy. Don’t just wear a button up and jeans. Change the jeans into slacks and put a tie on. It won’t hurt you! If you are more comfortable in jeans, then put a blazer on or a cardigan on so it looks like you made some effort with what you’re wearing for the night. Plus, you might win brownie points if she gets cold and you put your jacket over her.