First of all, kudos to that Anonymous person for posting something that several people thought and just didn’t want to put their names on. You have successfully called out the one desk that is the bane of existence to many of the students on our campus.

As a PCCS student, I especially appreciated your use of the Comm 300 methods. It shows you actually did the research and collected data that you could present to the University about this matter.

However, other offices like this exist in the UM-D world. Have you tried getting help from the Office of Financial Aid during the school year? Last semester it wasn’t so bad, but this semester it’s been like pulling teeth! I am currently trying to move into an apartment using FAFSA and I seriously feel like I am imposing on their personal lives every time I ask them a question.

Housing Referral services is also an office that made the list. I realized this is more aimed at international students, and I have no problem with them utilizing this. But if UM-D is going to advertise this, they should at least make it more to students than “Hey, sign up, and we will get back to you never.” I tried to call and set up an appointment and they literally turned me down just because I am an in-state student.

I sat in that town-hall meeting this past Wednesday, and Chancellor Little specifically addressed campus housing, and how he would like to have students from the west side of the state attend our modest institution.

How can this come to fruition if our services are so unaffected by the fact that commuting students might not want to drive over 20 miles to get to campus?

As an office assistant, I do witness the pains of students all the time. I hope you realize that most of the active students agree with you. We are spending thousands of dollars here a semester, a smile and helpful advice seems like they should be included.

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  • Very good post. I will be facing many of these issues as well..