(Photo courtesy of Cerebro Humano on Flickr)
(Photo courtesy of Cerebro Humano on Flickr)


We ask ourselves daily, what has become of the music industry? A world in which such classics as Big Sean’s “Dance (A$$)” with lyrics featuring a hook of the word “ass” repeated 12 times are considered hits is a world that we don’t want to live in.

Let us start out by saying that not everyone goes clubbing for fun, listens to the typical club music or top 40 radio stations, and drinks alcohol or does any sort of drugs. An editor decided to share a specific story of his encounter with popular culture not so long ago:

“I knew going in that I was in for a ‘rave’ of sorts, or so it was advertised on Facebook to ‘bring glowsticks and body paint’ so naturally I show up wearing the most anti-rave clothing ever. ‘Black jeans, black shirt, black shoes, mom and dad still don’t approve.’

I was rudely greeted at the door by the sweet sounds of robot torture also known as the music genre (if you can consider it music) dubstep, and a brightly glowing scantily clad girl lying on the floor.

Realistically I should have just left immediately, but I decided to tough it out and walk into the living room where there was a good 50+ people (some shirtless) all painted up waving glow sticks and grinding on each other. I finally noticed some familiar faces not covered in glow sticks and highlighter and I immediately made my way over to them. I assumed the position and sat on the couch, which is generally my sanctuary at these kind of things, where I have a perfect view of the insanity going on in front of me.

Techno and dubstep were in constant rotation all night. Many intoxicated people would come up to me periodically and prod me to dance and I always respectfully declined. Occasionally a ridiculous rap song would come on from the successful artists of our time such as Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Flo-Rida, these were all met with reactions of “oh s***!” or “this my song girl!” as people rushed to dance.”

This is just a culture that we can’t understand. This is the world where a nominee with real talent, Bon Iver, was ridiculed for winning the Best New Artist category at the Grammys because he beat out artists such as Nicki Minaj and Skrillex, both of which are are worshipped by the masses. We know many readers may write off this editorial as a source of “hipster” culture, but here at the MJ, we like to think we’re just being logical.