Detroit Tigers playing against the Baltimore Orioles on August 14, 2011 (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison under CC license)
Detroit Tigers playing against the Baltimore Orioles on August 14, 2011 (Photo courtesy of Keith Allison)


March is finally here, the time of the year where Americans can all come together under one common interest–baseball. Soon, the chill in the air will break and I’ll be hearing my favorite sound echoing from the park down the street from where I live. Ah, the loud crack of the bat hitting ball before the white and red stitched sphere arcs through the air, landing with a soft thud into the palm of a hand covered with the soft leather of a baseball glove–there’s nothing like it.

The Detroit Tigers will start their regular season in just a few short weeks but are already making news with their spring training games down in Florida. Before he’s even made his major league debut wearing the old English D, newcomer Prince Fielder is all the talk down in Lakeland. Batting a 1.0 in Saturday’s game, Fielder is quickly proving that his signing was worth every penny for the Tigers’ organization.

But if his impressive stats backing him up aren’t enough to make fans comfortable with the decision to sign him, I don’t know what is. He was second both in home runs and on base percentage for the 2011 season. He’s had two silver slugger awards, been in three All Star games, and won the 2011 MVP in the All Star game.

This past weekend, he went three for three in plate appearances, including batting his first home run of the season. Speaking of home runs, the team as a whole had an impressive nine home runs against the Braves this past Sunday, including three in the first two innings and a grand slam courtesy of Ryan Rayburn. Tigers pitchers also took the team into the eighth inning with a no hitter, ending the game with one hit.

Impressive news is coming out of Florida and will continue over the new few weeks as we gear up for opening day here in Detroit. Winter is drifting away, and spring is right around the corner. Baseball season is in the air. Soon, Comerica will be filled with fans in jerseys, grabbing hot dogs before settling into their seats to watch the game as cheers and chants of “take me out to the ball game” drift through the air. And I, for one, couldn’t be more excited.