(Troy A. Blevins/MJ)
(Troy A. Blevins/MJ)

BY ALEXANDRA WEE, Staff Reporter

When your everyday study sessions start to get stale (like they were ever exciting) the easiest way to amp them up is to change locations. Breaking the monotony of where you hit the books may help ease the boredom, even if only a little.

Tired of setting up camp on the fourth floor of Mardigian? Here are some of campus’ best-kept secret study spots–at least, until now.

University Center:
· Couches by the International Office (just around the corner of the hallway): This spot is a hit or miss, perfect if you snag it on your own or with a study group but possibly awkward if you impose on someone who’s already settled in. Nevertheless, the couches are ideal for napping breaks and it’s probably your best bet for quiet studying if you want to stay in the UC.

· Third floor couches by the elevator: Not so much a secret, but still a great place to get some work done. It’s quietest before noon and after 5 o’clock, and when traffic does occur, it’s usually pretty light. And for the nature lovers, it’s an ideal spot for feasting your eyes on CASL’s many (many) potted plants.

· Fourth floor benches by the stairwell: Great reading spot. The view out the atrium’s wall-high windows is worth checking out, traffic is generally low and sometimes the music classes in session make for a nice studying accompaniment.

· The fourth floor, in general: There are at least two more hidden spots. Walk the floor around once and you’re sure to find them, but there’s no promise they haven’t already been discovered.

· Couches on the second floor (by the stairway balcony): Mostly faculty offices occupy the building’s second floor so the area is generally quiet. Then again, like second floor UC couches, it’s great for the person who claims the area first, otherwise…awkward.

· The Writing Center: Since traffic is heaviest in the CASL Writing Center, the SSB center is perfect for quiet computer work, plus there’s free tutoring. Don’t forget to bring your own paper if you plan on printing.

· The windowsill by the first floor elevators: It’s wide enough for spreading out a few books and sitting comfortably on, plus you don’t have the same audience that sitting in a UC window will get you.

And as we head into glorious spring temperatures, consider the patio outside the SSB (by the back doors under the stairwell), the area outside the CASL hallway headed to the Fieldhouse, and the Chancellor’s pond.

You never thought you’d hear this as a college student, but next time, ditch the library. Your brain might thank you later.