(Credit: Forever21.com)

BY TASNUBA QURESHI, Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s getting warmer! So you know what that means, throw out all your winter gear (well not really, just pack it away) and get your wardrobe ready for spring. I already have. I’ve been watching trends that are coming along for the spring/summer season and I like what I see.

My favorite trend for the spring is the pastel colors. It already hit stores but you’ll be seeing soft pinks, jades, lavender, and a lot of cream.

The biggest trend in prints now are animal (of course), tribal, and tie-dye (looks like the 70’s might be making a come back). Now, I’m not telling you to bust out your parents old tie-dye t-shirts, but like I say with prints all the time, be subtle about it. The best tie-dye pieces to invest in are tops or skirts so they can be worn with neutral pieces in your closet.

(Credit: Forever21.com)

Spring isn’t spring without floral print. You’ll see more floral print items and my advice is to stock up because it looks like floral is here to stay. I prefer to get a few pieces of floral prints, usually in tops or skirts.

The “romance” look is going to be seen a lot now. This look is the flowy romantic picnic look with lace, chiffon, and pastel colors. This look can be easily obtained. Lace is a very easy fabric to work with, you’ll find it with skirts, dresses, tops, and cardigans, and it looks amazing with chiffon. You can find dresses and tops with lace and chiffon combined. Add a nice pair of shoes, some jewelery and your romantic look is ready to go.

As much as I love wearing cardigans, they have competition with blazers now. You can find blazers in not just different colors but also in prints (which I’m still a little hesitant about, but I did invest in a cheetah print blazer–I just couldn’t resist!) and fabrics. They are pretty good pieces to invest in, they’re very versatile and they make any outfit look great.