(Ben Dixon / MJ)
(Ben Dixon / MJ)


Global Fest is an annual tradition of music, entertainment, and interactive activities to experience and celebrate cultural diversity at UM-Dearborn.

The program took place on March 15 in Kochoff Hall in the University Center, and the ceiling of the school cafeteria was covered with hanging flags from various countries.

“It was very festive as usual,” said senior Alex Mich. “Just everything about it was amazing: the food, dancing and music. All of it was very good.”

The week-long celebration is planned months in advance by various Student Organizations like Arab Student Union, the Asian Pacific Club, Indian American Student Organization, and the West African Drumming Club, just to name a few.

According to Tasha Williams, the primary goal of Global Fest is to provide an array of opportunities for students to showcase aspects of their culture in ways that are both educational and enlightening, and to celebrate the significance of diversity and inclusion on our campus.

Global Fest provides students with cultural information, a fashion show, and samplings of food from around the globe.

“I was impressed with the amount of people and the involvement surrounding the event,” Ricky Lindsay said. “The food was awesome. The variety was great. It’s not every day you can get an array of great food for free.”

As a flagship program that is made successful by student organization support and energy, both students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed a mixed bowl of cultures without leaving campus.