BY GABBY BOYER, Staff Writer

UM-D student Shane Henson was elected president of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats (MFCD) last Saturday, March 8 at the Michigan Democratic Party Convention.

After a short speech, Henson was elected unanimously by eight chapters of College Democrats across the state. He was congratulated by Robert Bowen, the now former president of MFCD, on winning the election.

Before his election as president, Henson served as MFCD Programs Director, an experimental and temporary position on the MFCD E-Board. In his speech introducing Henson, Bowen referenced Henson’s stellar job and motioned to make the position permanent. His successor, Curtis Audette from Michigan State University, will now be responsible for the collaboration of all chapters into College Democrat events, such as the MFCD convention held in the fall.

During his pre-election speech, Henson stressed more collaboration and group events among chapters. He specifically cited that there should be more interaction between the Ann Arbor and Dearborn chapters not only because of proximity, but also because of the overlap of students in various elected official’s districts. He also explained that with more chapter collaboration, networking would be easier and more effective because they would build a relationship with other chapter members rather than “be faces in a mass crowd.”

After he was elected, Henson posted a status on Facebook to express how he felt about being elected:
“Thanks to everyone who came out and supported me today in my election to President of the Michigan Federation of College Democrats. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Henson stated that he is stepping down as the UM-D College Democrats president to focus on running MFCD. Junior Mike Malane is expected to be successor as president, but formal elections are going to be held later this month.

Although he has always been fairly active in the Democratic Party, in his sophomore year, along with three other students, Steven Zoski, Gabrielle Boyer, and Joshua Nobles, Henson began working with College Democrats when he reconstituted the Dearborn chapter.

During his presidency, Shane has organized and run a collection of voter registration drives in collaboration with Organizing for America, President Obama’s grassroots campaign. He is also a senator and active member in Student Government, acting as Parliamentarian in the 2011-2012 school year.

In his spare time, Henson likes to read biographies, especially of presidents, and political discourses. He is also an adamant fan of Michigan football and Captain America.

Although the upcoming political system looks unsure, with Henson at the helm, it seems that the College Democrats in Michigan will be very active in 2012.