Earlier this afternoon, it was announced that Senior Dennis Lienhardt has been elected UM-Dearborn’s student body president for the 2012-2013 school year. The announcement was made following results from Friday’s student body election.

Lienhardt’s party, One Michigan Coalition (OMC) will extend their efforts from the 2011-2012 school year, continuing their goal to better serve the UM-Dearborn community with a few new goals in mind as well.

The OMC platform includes; realistic parking reforms, enhancing wi-fi coverage, lobbying for fall break, improving UC services, reforming library policies, increasing student organization funding, and expanding student representation on campus.

“I’m very proud of all the hard work that everyone in OMC has put into the election this year,” Lienhardt said.

All senators on the OMC ballot were voted into office for next school year, a result rarely seen in a student government election.

“It shows our plan of action that we have of working for the students is what the students want done,” Lienhardt said.

Lienhardt was thrilled with his success but relieved the process is over.

“I was relieved. Elections are a very long and monotonous process. We’ve been planning since January,” Lienhardt said.

Elections are over, but the OMC party plans to keep up their hard work, diving right back into issues the party had been working on during the 2011-2012 school year. Goals such as better wireless coverage across campus and a realistic solution to student’s parking problems were started on this year and Lienhardt and his team plan on tackling those obstacles first.

Student government meetings will still be held during the summer months; most likely every other Thursday starting mid May.

OMC is excited to work diligently with all students on campus to better the campus community over the next year.

“I do look forward to everyone that ran, whether they won or lost, being a part next year,” Lienhardt said.

The OMC eboard is as follows:
President- Dennis Lienhardt
Vice President- Nasir Bokhari

DCO- Fareed Shalhout
Treasurer- Chelsea Marx
Secretary- Nadeen Hachem
Director of PR- Ben Childs
Direction of Inclusion- Anthony Wagner
Director of Greek Affairs- Olivier Urban
Director of Internal Relations- Irene Mo

Election Results: (Italicized = Winners.  Number = Votes)

President / Vice President (results above 1)
412 – Dennis Lienhardt (CASL) and Nasir Bokhari (COB) – OMC
176 – Jacob Collison (CASL) and Lane Hauer (CECS) – SNP
147 – Matthew Ainsworth (CASL) and Michael Talamonti (CASL) – Student Voice

Senators – School of Education
396 – Brendan Gallagher – OMC
383 – Ariel Lossing – OMC

Senators – College of Arts, Sciences and Letters
379 – Shane Henson – OMC
377 – Rima Rida – OMC

Senators – College of Engineering and Computer Science
330 – Mathew Sergison – OMC
296 – Feras Al-Hourani – OMC

Senators – College of Business
195 – Alexandru Pop – SNP
173 – Mona Saad – Student Voice

Senators – at large seats (results above 10)
358 – Juliana Arnold (CASL) – OMC
357 – Sean Murphy (CASL) – OMC
356 – Faysal Houtait (CASL) – OMC
352 – Trevor Stoltz (SOE) – OMC
351 – Latifa Bazzi (CASL) – OMC
335 – Bradley Ewert (CASL) – OMC
325 – Heba Sobb (CASL) – OMC
323 – Wedad Ibrahim (CASL) – OMC
318 – Amber Gasser (CASL) – OMC
314 – Mariam Abbas (CASL) – OMC
312 – Hussein Yassine (CASL) – OMC
311 – Anton Attard (CASL) – OMC
309 – Kareem Daouk (CASL) – OMC
305 – Sarah Elhelou (CASL) – OMC
304 – Candido Condori (CASL) – OMC
300 – Abdullah Ayad (CASL) – OMC
190 – Christina Hall (SOE) – Student Voice
184 – Zac Townsend (CECS) – SNP
175 – Scott Peets (CECS) – SNP
173 – Elizabeth McHugh (CASL) – SNP
170 – Sarah Straubel (CASL) – SNP
164 – Kastuv Santra (CASL) – Student Voice
164 – Raven Dunn (CASL) – Student Voice
162 – Rachel Youssef (CASL) – Student Voice
157 – Chandar Balakumar (CASL) – Student Voice
157 – Jenai Muhammad (CASL) – Student Voice
154 – Rachel Racette (CASL) – Student Voice
153 – Karma Elchanti (CASL) – Student Voice
145 – Sibghat Majid (CASL) – Student Voice

Election results courtesy of Student Activities Office.