Goodwill Canton Store (Credit: Diana Nader)
Goodwill Canton Store (Credit: Diana Nader)

BY DIANA NADER, Guest Reporter

Goodwill of Greater Detroit took an entirely different approach for their third time in front of the Dearborn Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) in as many months.

The opening of the Dearborn store has been on hold pending approval of a special land usage permit by the ZBA. Having been locked out and tabled twice due to the absence of ZBA board members, Goodwill’s legal representative, LeRoy Asher, requested that the issue be postponed until such time that all commissioners could commit to being present.

Asher then went a step further and suggested that a special meeting date be set with the full body of the commission in attendance. The idea being that that tabling at next months meeting could be avoided if a special meeting date was set and agreed upon by board as a whole.

“It’s a difficult situation. The commissioners work on a volunteer basis and the board cannot guarantee the attendance of its members,” said Commissioner Gary Errigo in response to Goodwill request. Errigo went on say that the board plans on reviewing their attendance policies which had always been a non-issue in the past.

As it stands now, Goodwill will come in front of the ZBA again in April. When asked for one word to describe their efforts at expansion in the Dearborn area, PR Director Mark Lane replied, “We are resolute. We are following the path and we are consistent.”

To learn more about Dearborn city ordinances or to get a full listing of public meetings, visit the City of Dearborn’s website.

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