Detroit Red Wings Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)
Detroit Red Wings Logo (From Wikimedia Commons)


This past week has brought some debates between some friends and myself as to whether offense or defense is more important in hockey, and if we think that the Red Wings are in trouble as the playoffs approach.

What do you think is more important?

  • Defense (80%, 8 Votes)
  • Offense (20%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 10

Goalies were a big topic during our discussion. The question of whether the Wings’ actually have a solid goalie was quick to come up. Fans lately seem to be on the fence about starting goalie Jimmy Howard. I have always been a fan of Howard. I mean, he basically rode us to the playoffs the past two years.

When Howard wasn’t on the All-Star ballot, fans wrote him in to ensure he would represent the Wings in the game. He’s definitely made some unbelievable saves during this season. But then he’s also let in some goals that make fans cringe. Add that to the fact that he’s had a few injuries this season and I can see why some would be nervous.

As our goalie discussion continued, a few friends voiced their opinion that a goalie was the only thing that a team needs to rely on which I was quick to rebut. A goalie is certainly not what a team should be relying on, although they do carry a good amount of weight. However, I could be the goalie for the Wings and if I let in one goal or twelve, it won’t make a difference if my offense isn’t scoring. Whether the final score is 0-1 or 0-12, you still lose.

Offense is a huge key factor in a hockey game, or any sport for that matter. A team is just that, a combination of players that work together in order to succeed and don’t solely rely on one player or another. It shows right here on campus with the Wolves hockey team. They don’t rely on scorers like Anthony Olson and Michael Macari any more than they rely on goalies like Micah Collier and Josh Khan.
Offense and defense are equally as important to any sporting team, and the Red Wings are no exception. I do think that they should have signed a goalie before the trade deadline, but I suppose hindsight’s 20-20.

Am I worried about the Wings? No. With new players coming in and out every day thanks to injuries, they’re just going to have to ensure they keep that perfect balance between offense and defense if they want a shot at the final round of the playoffs, as we all hope they will.

Go Wings!