UM-Dearborn students participated in the “48 Go Green” film festival over the weekend.

The rules were simple, but the task was not. Pick an environmental subject, and in 48 hours outline, storyboard, write, cast, shoot, edit and submit a movie that is between four and seven minutes long.

Participants are given specific elements to include in the movie such as using soap as a prop, having a character named “N. Parker” who the students used as a technician; the writers had to use the line: “The secret of life is honesty”, and finally the movie had to be about saving water and water conservation.

The team was headed by Screen Studies Professor and Executive Producer Jim Gilmore who advised students who worked on the project. The script was written by Derek Juntunen. Mark Rinn and Liz Walker directed the film, which according to Gilmore was by design.

“I wanted to mix and match and pair people,” Gilmore said. “I wanted to blend traditional techniques and experimental styles with Mark’s realism and comedy to see what we’d come up with.”

While some of the entries may be flashier than others, Gilmore believes his students will win because of their “better story.”

Click here to vote for the Jassassins and view their film.