A-Line dress (Photo courtesy of forever21.com)

As I mentioned last week, its that time of year when everything about winter should be hidden away in a closet somewhere. My favorite part about warm, sunny weather is that I don’t have to wear jeans anymore, but I can comfortably wear dresses.

Dresses are one of the best investments to make, not only are they already an outfit by themselves but they can be worn as casual, business and evening outfits all with just a few pieces changed around.

Asymmetrical hem (Photo courtesy of forever21.com)

There are trends within dresses themselves, and it can get overwhelming deciding what type of dress to get. My advice is to try on the different types and see what fits best and what makes you feel comfortable.

There is the classic fit dress. It’s sleeveless, fits a little tightly around the hips and loosely goes straight down, giving you a little room to move your legs. This is my favorite fit for a dress. It gives you curves in all the right places. I would say to have at least one dress in this style; it will be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet.

The Shirtdress (Photo courtesy of forever21.com)

Next is the pencil dress, also another classic however it hugs your body from top to bottom. The difference between the pencil dress and classic fit is that the pencil dress does not flare out at the end, it goes straight down. The best thing about pencil dresses is that they make you look slimmer and curvier. This is another good investment to have in your closet, it too can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

The A-line dress is another classic. This is the dress that is tight from the top and as it reaches to your hips, it flares out into a nice skirt. This type of dress is my favorite to wear in the summertime. It is very feminine and comfortable. This type of dress is the perfect sundress, and can be found in fun floral prints and colors.

The Pencil (Photo courtesy of forever21.com)

Shirtdresses are the perfect dress for “the boyfriend” look. Basically it’s just a dress that looks like a long button up shirt. Pair up a shirtdress with a belt and some boots or flip-flops and you are ready for the day! Another way to create your own shirtdress is to raid your boyfriend’s closet and see if you can find an overly large button up shirt that can be turned into a dress.

The asymmetrical hem dress is something that just started this spring, and I’m not sure if this will last. This dress basically looks shorter in the front and longer in the back. It looks as though the person making the dress didn’t know how to cut in a straight line. I’m not the biggest fan of this trend, however if it catches your eyes, go for it! Just know how to accessorize!