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Fifty past and present editors, staff, and their respected guests gathered on Saturday evening to celebrate the 40th Anniversary party of the Michigan Journal.

The Michigan Journal has been publishing newspapers for the University of Michigan-Dearborn campus since 1971.

Taking place in the Michigan banquet hall, located in Fairlane center South, the festivities included a photo montage presentation from events the paper has covered this year and past Michigan Journal editions that featured various layout changes and big events that The Michigan Journal covered on the front page over the course of forty years.

Current Editor-in-Chief, Samantha Elliott expressed that the paper has been around campus as long as it has because of the strong journalistic vocation The Michigan Journal brings to the UM-Dearborn campus and to its students.

“Forty years is a long time for any organization to be around,” said Elliott. “I think that the MJ, (Michigan Journal), being around campus for this long, shows how passionate students are who work in it. The MJ understands the importance of a news source on campus and although we been through many changes throughout the years, the goal of getting a paper out every week has stayed the same.”

Former News Editor Brittany Guerriero, who worked for the paper on September 11, 2001, addressed the importance of publicizing the Michigan Journal’s voice, by ensuring that the campus was constantly up to date with relevant information that may have assisted student and staff during a state of crisis.

Troy A. Blevins, The Michigan Journal’s Web Editor, gave a brief presentation of the evolution of the organization’s new logo, and the symbolism behind the change which Blevins claimed to be, a new iconic stance and beacon for all students, faculty, and staff to relate to.

Blevins went on to say that the Michigan Journal is not only read by students on campus but is also now targeting an international audience. Saudi Arabia, Canada and numerous other countries are frequent visitors to the website.

As the evening began to conclude, Elliott said she felt that the night was bittersweet because only three production days remain for the rest of the year.

“It’s not something that I like to think about, but I’ve always enjoyed producing the paper every week.” Elliott said. “No matter how stressful the production day is, when we submit the paper to our publisher knowing it will be in stands the next morning for 9,000 students to read, everything is worth it.”

Elliott went on to saying, “I know the staff is working hard and producing something that students will want to read. And that tradition will always continue.”

Photos from the Event (click to enlarge)

Photos courtesy of Veronica Allen, Troy A. Blevins, Samantha Elliott, Mark Scarano, and Chris Zadorozny.