It’s once again my absolute favorite time of the year–April in the D.

April in the D means a time where our heads will be filled with the newest April in the D song sponsored by Fox Sports Detroit. Where cheers from fans decked in blue and white will swirl into the Detroit night air, mixing with the all-American smell of hot dogs cooking, while just a short distance away, a separate group of fans wearing red and white enjoys their own hot dogs while cheering for the team performing in front of them. Miles to the north, fans wearing blue and red will support their players on the court and college students and alumni alike will start pulling out their maize and blue in preparation for the upcoming football season.

It’s the best of both worlds for me. A Detroit Tigers baseball game and a Detroit Red Wings hockey game almost every single night of the week. Doesn’t get much better than that. I love the start of baseball season. The game where the air is still crisp enough to wear my favorite Tigers hoodie with the eagerness of spring just around the corner. A time to see the new players on the team and new skills others have learned during the offseason. A time where anything’s possible and although the World Series sits at the end of a long tunnel of 184 games, fans everywhere are making predictions of what teams will win which divisions.

While the Tigers’ season opens, the Red Wings’ winds down. And while I know all too soon we’ll suffer those long few months without hockey, we still have the playoff run ahead of us. In case you haven’t caught on by now, I’ll explain it simply. I live for playoff hockey. Absolutely live for it. During the regular season, I will put a few other things before hockey such as work, school, etc. When playoffs start, it’s a completely different story. Studying for finals gets put on the back burner. I will schedule my work shifts around the Wings’ game schedule. If I’m not at the game itself, you’ll find me propped either in front of my television at home or sitting at a table at Hockeytown downtown. There’s not a single moment that I’ll miss.

As April in the D gets underway this year, I can feel my excitement growing. The Tigers are coming off of a fantastic spring training season. They’re expected to win the Central Division by double the amount of points from last year and thought to go at least as far as the ALCS. The Wings, although coming off of a rough few weeks, are welcoming back previously injured players and preparing for the first round. After Sunday’s win over the Panthers the Wings are currently sitting fourth in the Western Conference, giving them home ice advantage with just three games left in the regular season. Although they could lose that spot, I’m pretty confident as to how the first round will go.

It’s going to be a great month; I can already tell. As the weather gets closes and the end of the school year draws nearer you can be sure my attention will be on one thing and one thing only–Detroit sports.