BY SARAH LEWIS, Student Life Editor

As the winter semester winds down, Wolf Pack is kick starting several events this week. Beginning Tuesday, the organization will be hosting their fifth Activity Day.

According to Wolf Pack President Chris Zadorozny, Cornhole, Ladder Ball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Football will be played.

Wolf Pack will also be presenting Waterballoon Wars, Pickup Soccer, and a 3v3 Basketball Tournament this week.

“If these events are successful, Wolf Pack could be a widely known name around campus. It can become an organization that people want to join and to get involved with, as long as the new image works in the coming weeks,” Zadorozny said.

Student Activities Board is hosting Spring Blowout this week, and Wolf Pack will be acting as a co-sponsor for the event.

“It means one heck of a lot to co-sponsor the event. It helps get our name out there on campus, and make the organization more known,” Zadorozny explained.

Waterballoon Wars is an event that has taken places on other college campuses.

“The idea was brought up in the fall semester, and then again at a meeting early in January. If the weather cooperates, we expect around 100 students, 50 per side to throw 4,000 water balloons at each other,” Zadorozny said.

Wolf Pack hopes to bring more intramurals to campus in the future.

“The 3v3 Tournament idea came last fall, and we decided it was going to be a large event for us during March Madness. If this event goes well, we can look to bringing more intramurals to campus next year and work on having a better image for Wolf Pack, and to create a fun environment for students to participate in recreation and intramural activities,” Zadorozny concluded.