“We’d like to start construction in June and be open by August of the following year,” said Scott M. Bowers, President of Bowers + Associates.


Scott M. Bowers, President of Bowers + Associates, received approval for his revisions to his student housing site plan from the Dearborn City Planning Commission Monday night.

Bowers presented his plan to renovate 760 and 780 Town Center Drive for a student union and student apartments and build three student apartment buildings that will link the two existing buildings.

Currently 760 and 780, former office buildings, are owned by Ford Land. 760 is located across from the University Center, and 780 across from Fairlane Center South.

Some demolition would be involved in the renovations. The proposed three buildings will be four stories.

“We’d like to start construction in June and be open by August of the following year,” said Bowers.

The plans also include a walkway across Evergreen Road. Bowers acknowledged that an elevated walkway was a long-time goal.

The proposed plans include a sand volleyball court, a new student center, an exercise facility, meeting rooms, a theater, and at least 525 beds.

Eight month leases will be offered, with the buildings closing for summer semester. Bowers hopes that in the future, interest in summer classes will be great enough to keep housing open during that semester.

In September, the project was approved for a $2.34 million tax credit by the Michigan Economic Growth Authority because it could generate “$7 million in new investments and up to 20 permanent full-time jobs.”

Funding for the estimated $44-million project will come from Urban Campus Communities. UCC, a developer of student housing, is responsible for Wayne State University’s Union at Midtown.

The University has remained quiet on the subject. Bowers could not be reached for further comment.

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  • ladeeda

    too bad that they will probably be super expensive.

  • Donovan Golich

    This is a great idea! I’m glad to see people investing in UM-D and our people. More so, I’m glad that this will bring more jobs and people to the City of Dearborn.