(Tom Alexander / MJ)

(Tom Alexander / MJ)
and BEN SZILAGY, Staff Writer

On April 3 and 4, the Student Activities Board (SAB) brought the beach to UM-Dearborn during this year’s Spring Blowout.

SAB Vice President Brendan Gallagher said the event is the “last hurrah” before the winter term is done.

“In a time where the school year is ending, finals are upon us, and everyone is ready to just get outside, Spring Blowout was the perfect escape for everyone,” Gallagher said. “It was nice to see the students truly enjoying themselves and alleviating stress, all while having a bit of fun.”

(Tom Alexander / MJ)
Tuesday’s weather forced the event inside a Hawaiian themed Kochoff Hall in the University Center where, once you entered, SAB Members greeted you with leis and sunglasses.

Decked out in blown-up palm trees, tropical flowers and tiki torches, the hall was filled with students playing air hockey, ping pong, and playing Dance Dance Revolution.

Many students said they thoroughly enjoyed the event including live music by the Pass Alacgua.

“I always look forward to the Student Activities Board events,” said freshman Christina Pedersen. “With all the activities, it just makes my school day much more enjoyable.”

“This was a pleasant surprise,” said freshman Susie Zhen. “It was a great way for all of the students enjoy themselves between classes.”

The weather on Wednesday allowed SAB to display the event’s full potential, providing students with various activities including a mixture of inflatable games, carnival games, Segway rides, pie throwing, and rock climbing behind the UC.

“I think everyone in SAB really worked hard to put on this amazing event and it definitely showed in the quality of the event itself,” Gallagher said. “This was a good event to end the year on as we work towards bigger and better programming next fall.”