(File Photo for Greek Week 2012 / Ben Dixon / MJ)
(Ben Dixon / MJ)


Last week, students were found wandering campus decked out in entire outfits of pink, purple, green, and red. Monday through Saturday, the UM-Dearborn Greek Week was in full swing.

Greek Week is a time for sororities and fraternities alike to show their pride for their respective groups. Held yearly every Winter Semester, the week is dedicated to events that each group will compete in, earning points that add up to winning the Greek Week Cup. The trophy is a long running tradition, in which the winners get their organization’s name engraved into the metal plate, along with the year they won. The win is also a way for the group to promote their great teamwork to incoming members.

Tau Kappa Epsilon chapter President Jesus Madrigal views Greek Week as a chance for all fraternities and sororities to come together as a community.

“Greek week gives the Greek community of UM-Dearborn a chance to come together both as individual orgs in competition, and as a community on our campus,” Madrigal said.

Each day held several events for groups to participate in and earn points. The week kicked off Monday, April 2 at 11:00 a.m. with the opening ceremony. Sororities and fraternities were each given a window in the cafeteria area of the University Center to decorate, promoting their organization.

Events throughout the week included pyramid races, a quiz bowl, dodgeball, a hula hoop contest, an obstacle course, volleyball, a Texas hold ‘em tournament, softball, a Buffalo Wild Wings blazing wing challenge, and a canned food drive, just to name a few.

Mock Rock, held Friday night, is considered to be the biggest event of the week. The event entails coordinated dancing and lip syncing, and is judged based on creativity and skill. Delta Phi Epsilon took first place in sororities while Phi Sigma Phi took first place for the first time ever in UM-Dearborn history.

At the end of each week, after points are totaled, one fraternity and one sorority are announced as winners. All groups involved worked equally hard this year, putting in great amounts of effort. Breaking the Delta Sigma Phi twelve year winning streak, Tau Kappa Epsilon came in first place for fraternities this year with Phi Mu winning for sororities, their third consecutive title.

Phi Mu member Katie Macari expressed her excitement at winning for the third year in a row.

“You win some, you lose some, but come down to it we just like to win Greek Week back to back,” Macari said.

Madrigal was equally excited about his fraternity win.

“We started Greek Week as brothers on a mission and ended the week as brothers with a trophy,” Madrigal said.


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