(Tom Alexander / MJ)
(Tom Alexander / MJ)


During the 2011-2012 school year, UM-Dearborn’s Student Government approved 37 new organizations, the highest ever in campus history.

President-elect senior Dennis Lienhardt played a large role in helping to bring these new organizations to campus. This year, Leinhardt held the role of Director of Clubs and Organizations. When students looked to starting a new organization on campus, Leinhardt was the person who helped them with the process. He would look over the constitutions to ensure each group was following the UM-Dearborn guidelines. Once approved, the groups would be invited to attend a Student Government meeting. There they would present their ideas, answer any questions from senators, and if the votes went in their favor, be approved as a new student organization.

Lienhardt took pleasure in the fact that he was able to help bring so many groups to UM-Dearborn.
“Being a part of Student Government, especially in my position, was a great opportunity for me to have an impact on student life,” Lienhardt said. “To be able to reach out and promote campus life is a great pleasure to all of us in Student Government.”

The new organizations took no time in getting started up and putting on events for students. New organizations this year put on events such as the visit of Dr. Patch Adams (Phi Delta Epsilon), Poetry Picnics (League of Extraordinary Poets), and Tennis Tournaments (Tennis Club) just to name a few.

Lienhardt, and Student Government as a whole, take pride in the fact that they are able to help increase student involvement on campus.

“We enjoy being here to help not only students, but also organizations, throughout campus. I think the addition of this many organizations in one year only shows that students are becoming more active than ever before,” Lienhardt said.

Closing in on 150 student organizations on campus, Student Government was informed by University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman that the UM-Dearborn campus now has a larger student to organization ratio than the UM-Ann Arbor campus.

With that many organizations calling UM-Dearborn home, it is hard for students to find something they are not interested in.

“The wide variety of organizations we have on campus offers a place for just about every student to find something they are interested in and get involved. I look forward to even more new organizations starting up next year,” Lienhardt said.