(Tom Alexander/MJ)

(Tom Alexander/MJ)
BY SARAH LEWIS, Student Life Editor

Texting has unfortunately integrated itself into our generation. I say unfortunately because I’d much rather write letters or speak face to face with a person. Yeah, yeah. Call me maybe, or just call me old fashioned.

Obviously, I find texting to be an annoying task. You’d think that since most of us have grown up with cell phones glued to our hands that we would all know how to communicate through texting, but that’s exactly where you would be thinking quite incorrectly.

Every time someone sends me the letter “K” as a response to a long message, I can’t help but think, “Is this real life?” I have a list of other pet peeves that gnaw at me when I’m texting. Maybe people don’t know the do’s and don’ts, but I’ve narrowed down my annoyances to a short list of seven things that have a way of crawling right underneath the fingernails of my quick texting thumbs.

1. If you start a texting conversation with me, it better have a point.


Person texting me: Hey, what’s up?
Me: Just working on some homework and hanging around my humble abode.
What are you up to?

And then they don’t answer. WHY DID YOU TEXT ME THEN? You’re wasting my time.

2. Don’t ignore text messages unless you really, really don’t want to talk to the person, but then why do they even have your number in the first place? This is only okay if the person texting you is a complete weirdo, but like I mentioned, you shouldn’t give your phone number to loose cannons. Basically what I’m getting at is that you should always text your friends back even if you respond hours later. This is especially annoying if you see the person who is ignoring you update their Facebook or Twitter via their cell phone. I KNOW YOU SAW MY MESSAGE, JERK.

3. Don’t text things that you wouldn’t say to a person’s face. Let’s say you text a guy more than you speak to him face to face. You’re automatically setting that relationship up for a failure where communication doesn’t exist. You know why? Because texting doesn’t get deeper than “Omg bby girl u r so hawt && i cant wait 2 kiss ur face.” That’s gross, and you wouldn’t ever say that to a person in a normal conversation.

4. Let’s say a person texts you, and you decide to call them instead of texting a response because you’re driving. The person then doesn’t answer the phone call, yet they immediately send a text saying, “Did you just call? What’s up?” Answer your freaking phone calls, that’s what’s up.

5. Don’t incessantly text when you are hanging out with your friends, on a date, in a meeting, or any other social interaction. Why, you ask. Because that is so incredibly rude. You should be paying attention to the people around you, not the beeping box in your hand. I’m sure your conversation isn’t that important. You can tell your boyfriend how much you “wuv him so wery much” some other time. Thanks.

6. Be smart. Don’t text things that you wouldn’t want other people to read. This leads me to the advice of texting in the right state of mind. Otherwise, you’ll simply embarrass yourself. Need I explain more?

7. Don’t hold important conversations about any type of relationship problem or fight through texting. This isn’t AIM in middle school, and you can’t throw up an away message when you get mad. I promise face to face interactions aren’t that nerve wracking.

Follow these simple words of advice, and you can’t help further our generation into a place where texting is actually a usual tool of conversation rather than sending, “Sup broski letzzz hit da club 2nitteeeeee.” Shut up, and just turn your phone off if that’s how you plan to text.