Student Government President Dennis Lienhardt is looking forward to extending efforts made by One Michigan Coalition (OMC) during the past year to the 2012 – 2013 school year.

At the top of OMC’s list are working with the university administration to improve wireless internet coverage, implementing realistic parking reforms, lobbying the U of M Board of Regents for a Fall Break, improving UC services such as food hours and room reservation accessibility, and increasing student organization funding.

“I would have to say that I am most excited to continue our work on the wireless internet,” says Lienhardt. “Wireless internet has always been a serious concern for so many students, and we are on the path to making positive improvements.”

Student Government has sent out a survey to students to ask for input regarding wireless coverage. Survey results will be used to add wireless access points to the areas of campus that need them the most.

Lienhardt’s administration also plans to create permanent Student Government positions of Directors of Inclusion, Greek Affairs, and Internal Relations and implement a student judiciary board, and work with Mardigian Library Director Elaine Logan on improvements such as limited hours for high school students.

Smaller goals include adding outlets to the Student Organization Center, purchasing new tables for the CASL Atrium, and continuing work with the University Recycling Committee.

Lienhardt, a senior majoring in political science and criminal justice, has been a member of Student Government since January 2011. This past year, he served as Director of Clubs and Organizations.

Student Government’s biggest accomplishment of the past year, he says, was becoming a legitimate organization again.

“Student Governments of the past were looked down upon by many administrators and staff and because of all the past fighting and bickering done by Student Government, many people did not take them seriously,” he says. “We have worked hard this year to gain back that voice for the students that former governments had lost. Now we have been asked to be on more committees than ever before and we can actually fight for the students because we are seen as a serious and important body.”

Recently, Student Government was named the Outstanding University Sponsored Organization – an award they haven’t received in a decade.

The organization also achieved a new milestone of approving 37 new organizations, the highest ever in campus history.

Lienhardt emphasizes that Student Government is there for students, and that it is not necessary to have an elected position to get involved.

“If there is something that is concerning you or something you want to see changed, we are here to help,” he says. “I would greatly encourage all students to either email us with any questions or concerns that they may have or to stop by our office and get involved.”

Serving alongside Lienhardt for the 2012 – 2013 school year is Nasir Bokhari, Vice President; Fareed Shalhout, Director of Clubs and Organizations; Chelsea Marx, Treasurer; Nadeen Hachem , Secretary; Ben Childs, Director of PR; Anthony Wagner, Director of Inclusion; Olivier Urban , Director of Greek Affairs, and Irene Mo, Director of Internal Relations.