BY SARAH LEWIS, Student Life Editor

So this is the last column I’ll write for this semester, and I’ve been putting off writing this for a while because it made me sad to think about. If you have read Student (is this real) Life before, you’re probably used to having a few laughs…at least I hope you’re laughing. But this time I’m going to be a little more serious. Yes, it’s possible for me to be humorless…I know it’s hard to believe.

This year has been a tough one. In between taking sixteen credits and being active in two large organizations on campus, it’s been hard to keep my head on straight, but at the end of the day I always knew I had friends that I could count on even when the world made me question, “Is this real life?” Although many of my friends have been there for me this year (cough Curly cough and my little sis cough), someone has inspired me in a way that has really driven me towards my goals. This friend has shown me that the future can really be envisioned even though it seems to be five million years away. You might have read her column before.  And if not, you should check it out now since it’s the last one she will ever write for The Michigan Journal.

Sam Elliott and I haven’t always been friends. In fact, I once heard a rumor that she used to hate me before we met. I’ll admit that I thought she was terrifying when she interviewed me for the position of Student Life Editor. And then I thought she hated me FOR SURE when I had to miss the first production day. It wasn’t until the end of October when we finally started to become friends. We went to a journalism conference in Florida, and thus the bonding began. You can’t practically live with someone for four days and not get close with them…it’s impossible. In between visiting Harry Potter gift shops and eating sushi, we became Thing One and Thing Two…mostly because of our obsession with the Red Wings and, you guessed it, journalism. I always thought I was the only crazy person who loved writing, newspapers, reporting, and interviews. I remember we were walking around the conference, and Sam said, “FINALLY, people who understand us!” And it was so true.

Since then, Sam has been such an inspirational role model to me and nearly all the people who get to know her. She’s a natural born leader, and I’m not lying in the least bit when I say that The Michigan Journal will never be the same without her presence.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes you become friends with a person who you know is destined for greatness.  And, you can’t help but be moved by their passion and dedication. I can’t count how many times Sam has forced me to go to class or talked me down when I’ve cried. I know she’ll read every single paper I have to write for my countless journalism classes even when she has twenty other things she has to do; she’s just that kind of friend. The drop everything to help you out kind of person, and the one who will push you to do your absolute best no matter how much you think you suck.

Think about your friends who have pulled you through this school year. It was a hard one, am I right? So instead of worrying about finals and research papers every second of today, take some time to think about the people who really matter in your life. Maybe they’re moving on to something bigger and better like Sam will be doing after this semester ends or maybe they’ll be stuck in class with you still like Curly or my little sis. But, let them know how much they mean to you because even though you think they might know, maybe they don’t.

So Sam, thank you for being a friend. Go on, get out of here and do amazing things. Write.

To all my readers, go call up your friends or give them a hug. Tell people when they’re inspiring you, and be the best person you can be because you never know when someone might be looking to you for brilliance, and never, ever take a person for granted.