(Photo courtesy of blogspot.com)
(Photo courtesy of blogspot.com)

BY TASNUBA QURESHI, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As the weather starts getting warmer (hopefully) the fashion don’ts keep getting worse. I understand that this weather is teasing us into feeling like it is summer, but guess what? It’s not; we just received a little bit of snow the other day!

Just like everyone else I want to put my cold clothes away, however in Michigan that is not the case. For my last article of the year, I’m deciding to leave my readers with a few tips on what not to wear during this transition into summer and on how to dress for the summer.

Looks can be deceiving. Just because it is sunny out does not mean it is warm. Look at the weather report before you blindly decide to go outside and realize that you are wearing shorts and flip flops when it’s 50 degrees. I’m sure by the end of the day your legs are going to be numb and people are going to wonder the same thing as me: Are you confused?

During spring the weather is very unpredictable. One moment it’s nice and warm and the next there is a monsoon. My advice: Keep extra clothes with you at all times because you never know when you need it.

(Photo courtesy of blogspot.com)

Again, shorts and UGGS just DON’T GO. Every time I see someone wearing shorts and UGGs I honestly think they’re confused whether they’re cold or warm. Ladies, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if it’s warm enough for shorts it’s too hot for UGGs. If it’s cold enough for UGGs, then why in the world are you freezing yourself by wearing shorts? Really now?

As much as you should dress your body for the weather, don’t forget your feet! I hate wearing shoes as much as I hate wearing pants. However, I can’t really go around walking in in flip-flops all the time. We do live in Michigan after all. I’m sure this has happened to all of us where we are wearing flip-flops because it’s nice outside and out of nowhere it is pouring. nothing bothers me more than having wet toes. Always keep shoes with you. There is a company that makes these awesome foldable flats that just fit right into your purse; invest in a pair. Or another idea is to always check the weather. It seriously takes two seconds.

This is for the fellas; the whole socks and sandals business, really? It has to stop. Unless you are coming from the gym, or practice or some game of some sport you should not normally wear socks and sandals. It’s not attractive, at all. It’s like the male version of shorts and UGGs. FIGURE IT OUT. What weather are you dressing for?

As the summer season rolls in, remember, even though it sometimes feels like your skin is burning, stay classy. I’m sure we would all just love to walk around next to nothing on, but this is not a beach. If you are going to the beach, stay covered until you get there.

This is also the time when the super short shorts come out. I’m sorry but I don’t want to be walking somewhere and see some girl’s butt cheeks hanging out of her shorts. That is just nasty. Ladies, keep it a little classy. If I’m saying it’s too short, it means that it’s too short.

Just remember, if it’s questionable, it’s better not to wear it. If you can’t sit down without flashing everyone your crotch, it’s a little too short. Always be prepared for the unexpected with the Michigan weather, and have a lovely summer.