As we dive into the summer 2012 semester, the Michigan Journal takes a look back at a few of its top viewed and commented campus news stories of the University of Michigan-Dearborn for the winter 2012 semester. We plan to share even more stories and campus news over the summer as we get ready for the fall.

1) Dearborn City Planning Approves UM-D Housing Plan (Apr 9)

A plan was presented to renovate the former office buildings across the University Center and Fairlane Center South. The proposed three buildings will be four stories. Funding for the estimated $44-million project will come from Urban Campus Communities. (Read More»)

2) One Michigan Coalition Wins Student Government Elections (Mar 20)

Junior Dennis Lienhardt was elected UM-Dearborn’s student body president for the 2012-2013 academic school year. Lienhardt’s party, One Michigan Coalition, said they will continue their goal to better serve the UM-Dearborn community with a few new goals in mind. (Read More»)


3) Proselytizing Preachers Return To Campus (Mar 20)

Pastor Rick Warzywak decided to preach his message to students outside the campus’s University Center. While the motives behind his appearance were unclear, Warzywak said he wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous weather and spread his message to “open minded students.” (Read More»)

4) Wolves To Be Changed To Wolverines? (Feb 21)

Changes coming to UM-Dearborn could soon bring closer ties to the campus in Ann Arbor. Currently in the preliminary stages, discussions are being held to change the mascot of the Dearborn campus from the Wolves to the Wolverines. (Read More»)


5) Student To Run For Michigan State Representative (Feb 21)

Former Student Government President David Knezek officially announced his campaign for the District 11 Michigan State Representative. He later received endorsements for his campaign from the UAW, Region 1A and the Michigan Democratic Youth Caucus. (Read More»)



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