Back from the best weekend in Tuscany. Horseback riding, swimming, wine tasting in a medieval castle, and mass in Il Duomo (Elizabeth Bastian / MJ)

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Wednesday, 11:12pm
Ate mini apple pies on the ledge of the Trevi Fountain #MURIKA

Tuesday, 10:28pm
Just ran for almost 2 hours through ancient and modern Roma #bliss

Tuesday, 6:16pm
Washed pottery all day today. Learned a lot, but I cannot eait to be back in my trench tomorrow #Ilovedirt

Monday, 8:48pm
Found a bone in my hair while showering #archaeologistproblems

Monday, 6:39pm
Back from site. Excavated a new stratigraphic unit and found a bunch of cool, ancient artifacts! #gpr2012 #IndianaJonesLife

Sunday, 5:10pm
Just ran around Circo Massimo and Trajan’s Market. Why is urban running so much cooler here? Answer: ancient architecture.

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