(Photo courtesy of One Michigan Coalition's Facebook)
My name is Dennis Lienhardt and I have the distinct privilege of serving as your Student Government President this year. (Photo courtesy of One Michigan Coalition’s Facebook)

BY DENNIS LIENHARDT, Student Government President

As the University Center comes to life, the parking spots start to fill up, and students are seen constantly double checking their schedule to make sure they have the right room; it is easy to see that the fall semester has begun.

Whether this is your first semester at The University of Michigan-Dearborn or your rear window is full of previous parking stickers, I would like to personally welcome everyone to campus. My name is Dennis Lienhardt and I have the distinct privilege of serving as your Student Government President this year.

The goal of Student Government is to help our fellow students in any way that we can, whether it is working on campus initiatives or simply assisting you in your everyday problems. While we will continue to be a resource for you, I just ask that you make some considerations this year.

Take a walk through the second floor of the UC. Not only Student Government, but all of the University Sponsored Organizations are here to improve student life. Stop by one of these offices and find out what they are up to, or even join! I promise you that attending events, getting involved in an organization, or just becoming aware of what is happening on campus will enhance your time here. There are some big changes coming to campus this year that will transcend our university.

I truly believe the student life we currently have on campus is bigger and better than ever before at UM-D. Take advantage of these opportunities while you can. Enjoy your time here, have fun at a Student Activities Board event, take pride in reading the news in your Michigan Journal, and please do not forget that Student Government is here for you.

We are ready to follow your lead; we just need your input. Our door is always open so please stop by and introduce yourself, find out what we are working on, or simply ask us any questions you may have. I look forward to meeting you this year.

If you do have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to visit our website, umdstudentgovernment.com, email Student Government at umdstudentgov@umd.umich.edu, or email me personally at dlienhar@umd.umich.edu.

Good luck to you this year in everything that you set out to accomplish.